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Annual Tech Inspection. New for 2019!

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  • Annual Tech Inspection. New for 2019!

    Chin Track Days is now offering an annual tech inspection and sticker. Tired of tuning in a tech form at every event? Here's your solution: The annual tech form can now be completed online at any time. You'll receive your custom annual tech sticker either at your first event of the year or by mail. There is a small fee associated with this service. It's to cover the cost of the software required to implement this program. $50 one-time annual fee gets your single car holographic annual tech sticker. If you have more than 1 car that you'd like to tech, additional cars can be added for $20 each. To complete the process, please choose one of the following links below.

    Tech Inspection Performed By Yourself. Choose this form if you routinely tech your own car and sign your own form. Once you input your name and email address, you'll be taken directly to the form for completion and signing online.

    Tech Inspection Performed By Your Mechanic. Choose this form if you want your mechanic to perform your inspection and sign off on the form. You'll complete the top section, helmet waiver and sign off at the bottom. The form will then be sent to your mechanic for them to complete their section.

    If you would rather just complete a paper annual tech form and turn it in at the track, use this tech form. Bring it to registration at your next event and we will collect the fee and give you the annual tech sticker.

    If you'd like to add additional cars and take advantage of the discount, complete the first form and then send me an email to receive the additional car tech link.

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