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    So, you've done a few Chin events? Did you meet some of our super-star event management team? Think you can do what those cool kids do? Here's the deal: an opening for a full-time track event manager with the #1 provider of track events in the country is available now. Before you rush to send a resume, know that this job is not all sexy sports cars and glamorous race tracks. Yeah, sure, our managers certainly go to the track. A Lot. But, pull back the curtain, and you'll find hours and hours of staring at screens, typing, answering email, using the internet for real work. You gotta be obsessed with sports cars and motorsports. You gotta have every skill in the book: event management, computing, sales, advertising, cloud networking, technical/mechanical, customer service, accounting, communications, skilled driver, instructor, recruiter, conflict resolution, crisis management, public speaking, capable truck/trailer driver, tolerant of multi-day work-related travel and long hours, and much more. That twenty-word description is just the tip of the iceberg. Massive emphasis on complete mastery of the internet and all things IT. This is unsupervised, remote working that requires superior prioritization and time management skills. The working hours are undefined, in more ways than one. This is NOT a forty-hour a week job. "What's that?", you say, "It's only part-time?". Oh, hell no: it's way more than forty hours a week. Are you the employee that constantly sets the standard for all of your co-workers? Do you always stay later? Do you train your co-workers, because you have superior skills? That's who we're looking for: the top-tier standard-setter. If you are an average mid-pack worker, please don't bother. If you really think you have what it takes, and you think you're ready for a life-altering career change, we invite you to send a resume. Resumes to : Disqualify yourself immediately by phoning to ask about this job before you email a resume. I would say good luck; but, there is no luck to getting this job: just strong qualifications and serious over-achieving capability.

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