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    Over the coming months, is looking forward to sharing tire technical information with the Chin Nation that will help intermediate and advanced drivers get the most out of their R-Compound Tires. R-Compound Tires are arguably the best bang for the buck to improve both driver confidence and the lap time of a track day vehicle. One question many drivers help ask themselves both as they ponder the decision to upgrade to R-Compound tires or would like to maximized the effectiveness of their R-Compound tires is:
    • Does your driver skill set allow you the ability to control the car on your current street tires in the “sweet spot” of max grip and low slip angle? Check out the following link on the TrackDayTire YouTube channel where we take a deep dive on the subject
    Tune in next month as we discuss proper tire fitment for track day use. If you are ready to upgrade from street tires, or, currently run R-Compound tires and would like to benefit from the Chin discount on the purchase of a new set of Hoosier A7’s or R7’s, click the following link & type in the CHINVIP discount code at checkout.
    Drive Well, The management