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2010 ZR1 Corvette, 30504 miles, $75,000.00, The perfect track day Corvette

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  • 2010 ZR1 Corvette, 30504 miles, $75,000.00, The perfect track day Corvette

    Probably the best Corvette to date without the overheating issues of the C7 Z06. The car is still road legal and registered, so can be financed, as well as having a full warranty. The car has a standard power train with 638HP and 604 lb-ft of torque giving a slightly better power to weight ratio than the C7 Z06.

    The car has a new gearbox and torque tube (Oct 2017) replaced under warranty. The dealer believes the reverse gear synchro had a problem and the swarf caused the failures (actually just poor shifting) and consequently replaced both parts. The torque tube was replaced as it was showing small stress fractures.

    The engine has the oil changed at every track visit and is analyzed by Blackstone labs. Lab results are perfect.

    The problem with the ZR1 and the Z06 is not a lack of power but the ponderous nature of the handling and ferocious brake pad wear. We were using a set of pads per weekend at $1000+ ($1600 msrp).

    The car has coleman rotors and runs a very mild inexpensive pad that does not go into hyperwear like the stock pads on carbon rotors. Pads are $500 a set and last numerous weekends. Stopping is also greatly enhanced due to the better coefficient of friction of steel v’s carbon ceramic.

    The stock suspension is frankly horrible and the stock ZR1 pitches and yaws over hills and rises and has hydraulic lock over stutter bumps. This car has four way Ohlins (high speed and low speed compression and rebound damping) shocks and 12 additional springs. Roll is significantly reduced with Pfadt adjustable sway bars and steering is more precise with a combination of hard plastic and needle roller bearings.

    The car comes with 8 18” Forgeline wheels and we run Michelin slicks.

    Because of the springs, sway bars, Ohlins and bushes this car is one of the only Corvettes I have ever seen that can be held wide open over turn four at Barber without spitting the driver into the barrier. Watch the online videos of Corvettes, they all lift.

    The car is significantly lowered and runs at 2 3/8” at the side skirts. Of course the car can be raised if so desired.

    The car has probably the highest downforce wing on the market with the APR GTC 1000 duel element adjustable wing.

    Also included is an AIM Solo DL data logger and HD Smartcam 2 video camera. Both current technology.

    TPMS is also defeated so a wheel (tire) change does not require a re-sync of the new TPMS sensors. We don’t have to run TPMS sensors in the wheels.

    The suspension limp home mode is also defeated in order to run the Ohlins coil over suspension.

    There is an ODBII error message defeat that prevents any codes placing the car in limp home mode. Limp home is a highly frustrating situation to be in when you are at the track and say a

    TPMS won’t sync and your day is over, or worse still, the car grabs the brakes and sends you off track.

    The components above total over $31,000 and are virtually as new.

    The car also comes with all the stock components including another two sets of wheels, so four sets of wheels in total.
    This is a visually stunning Corvette in excellent condition with the best of the best chassis upgrades, is reliable, and, has a warranty. Anyone in the market for a track Corvette would be remiss if not considering this car.