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group discount offer for HPDRE FB group:

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  • group discount offer for HPDRE FB group:

    Chin Track Days offers a special arrangement for drivers who are active members of the Facebook group "High Performance Driving and Racing Enthusiasts" - HPDRE.

    "Buy 3, get one free": 4-for-3. Applicable at Palmer Motorsports Park, New Jersey Motorsports Park, Mid-Ohio and Pitt Race:
    If four HPDRE members organize as a foursome and register for events at any of the tracks listed above, Chin will give 1 free entry with 3 paid entries. The group of 4 must all identify with each other, and request the discount together. Send your list of four names to the Chin Event Manager listed on the registration page.

    "Buy 4, get one free", 5-for-4: Applicable at Watkins Glen, VIR, Road Atlanta, Sebring:
    Same terms, for a group of 5 drivers.

    Please note: HPDRE drivers who register on their own, individually, without being associated with a companion group of 3 other drivers, are not eligible for the discount. Also, the discount is NOT RETROACTIVE. Please get your foursome organized in advance of registering for the track event.
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