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    I am considering getting a Simpson Hybrid S "HANS" device. It is designed to work with three point belts. I use a '99 Miata with stock seats and a Hard Dog rollbar for track days. I also drive the car on the street. The car has stock seats.

    There are 6-point belts installed in addition to the stock 3-point belt. The dealer told me it would be unsafe to use a regular HANS with this setup. Said I should either get a seat with cutouts for the 6-point belts, or buy the Simpson Hybrid S.

    His advice seems correct. Does anybody have another opinion about the advice? Does anybody have any advice about the Simpson Hybrid S?

    Thank you,


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    It is true that using 5 or 6 point over-the-shoulder harnesses with OEM seats is not advised. Wrapping around the seat, rather than passing through it, defeats the harness effect. If you've already got harnesses, installing proper seats is a must. The Hybrid S works great with either OEM 3-pt or full harness set-up. We use it often.
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