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Daytona prep/set-up tips from Zotz Racing:

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  • Daytona prep/set-up tips from Zotz Racing:

    Our presenting partner for the Daytona event on Nov 8-10 is Zotz Racing. Ron Zitza is THE MAN at Daytona, with hundreds of days there, many thousands of laps, and multiple race wins, including a Rolex 24 class win. Ron offers these tips for Daytona-specific car preparation:
    1) begin with New tires
    2) use Nitrogen not air
    3) Run less camber on all four corners
    4) Run less toe at both ends
    5) Increase tire psi two lbs over norm
    6) Big wing cars decrease angle
    7) Reduced first lap banking speed
    8) Check inside side wall of all tires after each session.
    9) Vibrations are warnings stay in touch with the car! Stop and check out the car before any problems on track.
    10) Have fun!!!!
    Drive Well, The management